Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Date I Had Yesterday.

Hey guys, I know i haven't written a blog in a while but i actually brought this thing up in this date i was on the other day.. so i'm like "Screw it i'm going to post." Here it is.

Well going into this date I wasn't sure what to expect.. As far as i knew this girl was awesome, but we hadn't really hung out together before, and we really have never been together alone, so I knew that it would be quite the interesting endeavor. Now the one thing that I truly did know, was that this girl was stunning. Like genuinely she is gorgeous. Now i know some people won't trust a guy's opinion about this girl over the internet, but hey I haven't lied yet, why start now?

Anyways back to this date. Well my plan for this date wasn't very interesting, but I had acute little idea of just walking around this area that i used to love, take her to this pizza place that isn't very well known, pretty small but the foods great, and then take her to this park and just relax and talk.. get to know each other you know? But as I was driving to the city it started to rain. I thought to myself "Well shit. The one day i need nice weather the sky decides to take a piss. Sweet. My plans are done. What should we do now?

I decided to just wing it as the night went along and see where it would take me. Bad idea. I do not recommend this. Oh by the way, for story purpose's we'll call her Christina, even though thats not her real name. She'd get the reference though if she ever read this.. i hope. Anyways it was raining outside, i had already parked my car by the mall and i was inside the movie theater playing the some shitty ferrari arcade game while i waited for her to get there. She sent me a text telling me that she was outside in the parking lot by some big blue semi. I'm like right on! I can spot that out in no time! Well i did.. but just my luck, it was far away from the entrance.. and usually i wouldn't mind taking a little jog and running to her car but it was raining and i have a torn muscle in my thigh from hockey.. so i had to walk. With 0 proficiency.

Finally i made it to her car, and i was kinda wet but i jumped in.. first thing i notice is her. I look at her and i'm like fuck. How can i possibly impress this girl, with no plans, and little knowledge of the area.. so i'm stumped.. we talk for a little bit, then she drives up to my car and we do a swap. I decided to still go to the pizza place, because it's near by and well.. i love it. So we get there, get all settled in and we try to figure out what kind of pizza to order.. Now something i haven't mentioned about this girl is that she's French.. Like that's her main language with English being a second.. She translates everything she hears in english to french in her head.. I think thats kind of cute.

Anyways i get her to name off some of the stuff she likes and my mind keeps going blank because i seem to be mesmerized by her adorable little accent. Anyways she starts naming off more toppings and she comes to a halt.. She starts to think to herself and then asks me, "I like those little yellow squares.. what are they called... Anana's..?" Boom my minimal knowledge of french comes in handy for once! PINEAPPLES! I knew this because of this little show called tele francais or something... i dont know, in my grade 10 year i was signed up for my first french class ever, and in the first class our teacher let us watch that show.. that was the only class i went to.. i ended up dropping it for media class.. anyways i was all pumped.

So we ordered our pizza and we sat down and started talking about politics.. probably not a very good thing to talk about on a first date but hey, what the hell, i've already had my plans ruined anyways.. I'm going to go for it haha. Through talking to her about politics i find out that this girl isn't just a pretty face. She actually has her shit together, and not only that, she's actually quite intelligent.. I'm absolutely stunned by her at this point.. I'm not a guy that gets his breathe taken away by anyone, but holy shit. This girl did it. I didn't know what to do.. It was really the first time a girl has impressed me this much. Shocking really. I like it.

So we finish our pizza, leave the restaurant and decide to go to the mall and just bum around for a bit.. Great choice actually, i got to find out what she was into, what her particular tastes were and stuff.. And she helped me pick out some nice cuff links for a dress shirt i had just bought.. Sadly the mall closes at 9. We got there at like 8:30. Shitty business right? Well yeah needless to say i was yet again out of ideas. So since the mall was closing we decided to go back to my car and figure out what to do.

After getting to my car, we were both stumped. Both of us didn't really know the area that well and we both didn't really know what the other person was into.. like we had a good idea, but nothing to blow a couple hours on. So we sat in my car and talked. We just talked. It was great for me, considering i love to talk, and i found out a lot more about what she was into and how her mind ticked.. Sweet. I know her now, but is that enough for a second date? Shit this isn't even turning out to be a date.. more or less a chill session with a little pizza dinner. So i decide it would be best if we champed the weather and just go to this little river that was near by. Haha wasn't a bad idea at all really.. until i discovered that she gets cold, REALLY easy. Me being a hockey player.. not that big of a problem..

So we decide to go back to the car to warm up and just talk again. Boom it's 11, and some parking lot security guy taps on my window and says you guys have 15 minutes to leave. Wow, that went by fast. Too fast really, i didn't even get to enjoy it. Anyways we talked for the remaining 15 minutes and then we had to go.. so we said Good bye and that was that.. I still haven't texted her and it's the same deal on the other end.. hopefully something turns up haha :P

Anyways since my blogs about random reviews i gotta toss a number on this shit..

I give the date itself 2.5 pizza places out of 5...

But the girl.. well.. i'm stumped on this one guys. I can't really place a number on her and feel that it achieves her value, so i won't. Shes stunning. I'll leave it at that.

Anyways i'll be sure to post a follow up to this if anything happens! Leave your idea's, and thoughts on what i should do in the comments! Catch you later bloggers! :)

Ps: I apologize at the shitty writing style, and word choices.. its 3 am and i cant sleep. Sorry :\

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review! Zone 4 Championship!

Hey bloggers, i apologize for the lack of posting in the past few days but i have been right busy... winning another championship!! Thats right guys, most of you probably don't know this but i play hockey up here in Canada, and my team just won our league for the second straight year! Crazy crazy stuff.. Our team played unreal during playoffs, and swept every series.. unbelievable really, but if you'd like to check out the write ups on the games and such you can read them on my team's website (Maverick Hockey) and you can even check out a news article written up on us here. (Pembina Valley Online)

Anyways I'm still re-cooperating from some crazy nights so i'm keeping this short..

I give 2 consecutive zone 4 championships infinity out of 5.. thats right bitches.

Oh by the way my team cut my hair while i was drunk.. it looks ridiculous.

Catch you on the flipside blog buddies! Be expecting a real review in the near future!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mini Review! Subway's #3 Sub on the Menu

Hey guys, this review is truly in the random spirit. As some of you might have seen, i asked my blogs audience to give me some ideas for my upcoming blogs, and one person commented with "next review: #3 on the menu at the closest fast food restaurant." Instantly i thought to myself, "Challenge Accepted." So here it is, the #3 food item at my local...... SUBWAY!

To my disappoint, the #3 sub happens to be the Ham sub. Not that i don't appreciate the direct, simplicity of a Ham sub, it's just that when i go to Subway, i look for something a little more exotic than what i find in my fridge everyday. However with the right mentality, and a sick sandwich artist, you can make this plain bitch into something that will blow your taste buds load. The strategy I'm taking towards making this thing a masterpiece is load it up till its ready to burst. That's right, were making this one hefty little guy. Alright bloggers are you ready? First off you get some Honey Oat bread up on this bitch! FRESH! Once you've acquired the bread you load that lame sub with 2 kinds of cheese.. mofuggin graded.. and some god damned monterey jack! Toss some bacon on it then when you think you're finished put some more on... might as well have the whole pig right? THEN YOU TOAST IT! This step is key.. the cheese must be melted. Now were on to sauces.. for this beauty of a sub were throwing on a hint of mayo, and some southwest saaaaauce. Awwe yeah. Then you toss on some lettuce! Pickles! Green Peppers! Maybe even olives and hot peppers if you're one crazy mother fucker. Use tomatoes at your discretion, i know i would. There you have it, i call it the "I Ain't No Bitch Ham Sub, Sub!" 

Regular without my skills at making a sub it gets 1.5 crusty white bread's out of 5.

With the guidance of moi, this fat bitch gets a dirty 3.5 mouth orgasm's out of 5.

The sub would of scored higher, but there are a lot of better options out there, i apologize to the ham gods. Catch you on the flip side bloggers. Also remember to leave your ideas in the comments below! Who knows, yours might be next! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Review! Alberto Extreme Style [reWork]

Whats crackin blog buddies! You're getting a delicious mini review for today.. so good that it might make you look good! We can all hope right? Today I'll be reviewing my hair product.. ALBERTO EXTREME STYYYYLE!

First off, id like to note that I personally love this stuff and it makes a very good messy look if thats what you're going for.. Anyways! Alberto Extreme Style hair putty can be found in a variety of stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Superstore, and any drug store really. So that gives it quite the bonus, the fact that it can be easily obtained anywhere. The price is also something to be please with! At the low cost of $5.75, your average starving child could buy it. One little container actually lasts quite a long time too due to the fact that you really don't have to use much to get a nice style. This putty actually does live up to the long lasting label on the container. You never have to be worried about your hair loosing its style with this is it, because it lasts honestly 20 hours sometimes more, unless you wash it out of course. Like any hair gel/putty/paste, this stuff is quite easy to use if you're not completely handicapped which is quite nice. Aesthetically the container looks nice, and has a nice blue coloring to it, which fits well in my blue bathroom. Even though that won't apply to most of you i feel as if you should know.. One bad thing about this particular hair product is when it gets wet, it can sometimes make your hair look almost greasy, not just wet. Now this doesn't happen all the time, but on the odd occasion when your hair just wants to fight with you and you have to use more, it heightens the chance of this.  Really this product is the reason i can maintain good looking hair.

I recommend this product and give it 4 overdone faux hawks out of 5.

Thanks for reading this random blog on hair product! If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see in the next review leave me a shout in the comments and i'll be sure to look at it! Toodles bloggers. Oh heres a little video to help you with hair styles, thank me later.

J Smooth you dog..

5 out of 5... nuff said. Oh god.

Mini Review! My Cat Spike!

Hey bloggers, I've got quite the interesting review for you today.. I'm reviewing my cat Spike! I decided to do this because he always tries to come and sit on top of my keyboard while i'm on the computer and he never really leaves me alone while i'm at home. I love it. Well lets get on with this review!

My cat Spike has been around since early 1997. I got him when i was pretty young and he has always been a blast to be with. When spike was just a little kitty, his brother Rex (Who i will probably write a review about in the future) bit his ear and messed it up for life. It's all crooked now, but it looks pretty badass if you ask me. He's a pretty fat black tabby, and doesn't take shit from no one. If your watching tv or playing on the computer instead of petting him while he wants to be pet, he will literally do everything in his power to make you focus on him. For instance, I like to lay down and watch tv in my bed. This is a no go for Spike. He honestly stands in front of my face blocking the tv until i move or start scratching behind his ear for a ridiculous amount of time.. To me, this isn't really a set back it's more of a plus because it shows how much he loves me! Also, Spike has a tendency to drool when hes really happy.. which is a lot. Whenever you pet him, he gets this really deep purr going and BAM drops of drool start coming out of his mouth like its New Orleans flooding. As awesome as Spike is he has one set back though.. Massively gross hairballs. Like I have 4 cats, and this cat takes the cake in bombing those bitches out. It's just nasty. It's really bad when he pukes them on my bed and i don't see it.. uh yeah.

Anyways I give my lovable fat Kitty 4.5 greasy hairballs out of 5!

That concludes todays mini-review! Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Review! Casio fx-300MS Calculator

What up bloggers, your getting a sick mini review for today.. I'm reviewing my calculator.. This decision dawned upon me because i won't be needing it anymore due to the fact that I'm dropping my calculus course. Anyways to the review!

This calculator is a boss for its price. The bad boy set me back like $29.95 if i remember right and i don't regret that one bit. This thing has provided me tons of entertainment while sitting in pre-cal while i should of been writing notes. for instance when i put in the numbers 5318008 and flip it upside down it says boobies. I like boobies. I like my calculator. Obviously a sick winning situation! The only draw backs on this fine specimen, is the fact that the buttons feel right cheap. Sometimes when i click the + button i can feel the soul of the little Philipeno boy that made it crumble as the button itself does. Thats really the only draw back i can find in it, and really its easy to see past that minor set back. The button layout is pretty standard, and i like that in my calculators. The fact that this little guy has 2 way power is unreal.. Honestly it blows my mind every time. Also you can develop sick strategies with this calculator. For instance, if i had any smart friends, i could give them my calculator during a test and get them to do all their work on this little guy and then i just have to replay everything they did and BAM free answers! It's a shame this plan never got into motion.. one day though right?

I give the Casio fx-300ms 3.5 poorly made buttons out of 5.

Catch ya on the flip side homes.